The One Above All

God of Unity, Watcher of the Seas, Patron of The Ielku


Greater Deity

Superior: None

Portfolio: Water, Progress, Technology, Learning, Comradery,

Domains: Water, Ocean , Community, Knowledge, Creation, Ielku

Symbol: A raging whirlpool with a solid white spire rising from the center.

Worshipers: Ielku, Scientists, Teachers, Inventors, Leaders

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Cleric Alignments: Lawful Neutral, Neutral, Lawful Good, Lawful Evil

Favored Weapons: A simple and thin Scimitar and a rugged Light Hammer in his off hand

Appearance: Often seen and depicted as a Middle-Aged, well-muscled, and rugged looking by his followers, his apparent race is that of whatever his followers respect the most. This has lead to many conflicting depictions of him in architecture and statuary though his depictions therein are typically limited to governmental buildings rather than shrines. His True Form is actually that of a malleable assembly of infinite water. He can shape, color and form it to suit his whims and desires, allowing him to take on traits of even stone and metal if need be. It is said that his body is that of the seas itself. His followers are those that seek progress in any and all forms. He does not favor or decry any method so long as it furthers The Path.


Dogma: The One above all teaches The Path, the ultimate goal and pursuit of all life and discovery. It’s teachings challenge it’s learners to never be satisfied with a result until it’s absolutely final conclusion. Any method or practice that brings further learning, discovery, technology, ideas, growth, understanding, and appreciation is not only accepted but demanded as the ultimate responsibility. It also teaches that The Path is not a road one walks alone, but one walks it collectively, with his friends, rivals, strangers, and enemies. True strength of progress requires one to assist and be assisted from all possible sources. “The greatest One is never as large as The Whole.” That in mind, The Whole is a sum of those within and personal progress is always revered so that both The One and The Whole gain from it.

Practitioners of the faith, teach those uninformed of The Path and The Whole and encourage and spread cooperation and community as primary tenants. Some small sects seek to foster the care and progress of new and many Ones so as to grow The Whole.

The One Above All

Q'Tal Kavranurkathalokonvechu